• What is Grey Romantic Asexual? Posted by Admin on Sep 22, 2019

    what is grey romantic asexual

    Many people may be asking what is a Grey-Romantic Asexual. This is a type of asexuality that is noted by not experiencing any sexual attraction towards another person, but may rarely experience sexual attraction. This can often be misunderstood, just like asexuality in general.

    When a person is asexual, it does not mean that they are being abstinent from sex, or just not have found the one yet. Asexuality means that there is not any sexual attraction to another person and there is not an active desire to have sex with other people.

    When a person is grey-asexual, it does not mean that they are seen as being heterosexual, or homosexual. Many people often will state that people are not asexual but are just heterosexual with a low sex drive. This is something that will erase and demean someone’s sexuality. Being asexual is just a term that refers to you not being attracted to another person sexually.

    When you are asexual, it is not saying that you do not have a sex drive. You are able to have a sex drive and still be asexual. You do want sex; you just do not have a sexual attraction to someone else. It also does not mean that you are not able to watch porn. You are able to watch it and enjoy it, but you just do not have any sexual attraction towards another person.

    There are 3 types of asexual when it comes to the sex drive. You have sex repulsed which are disgusted by sex and do not have a desire to engage in sex. Sex neutral who do not have negative or positive feelings towards sex, and they do not seek out sex, even though they may engage in sex sometimes. Then there is sex positive which believe it is normal and even healthy to be having sex, and even though they are actively seeking sex out, there are not any sexual attraction to another person. Then there are forms of asexuality which are grey sexual, asexual, lithosexual, demisexual, and more.

    Being asexual is not meaning that you are not going to have a desire to have a partner. You could seek out a romantic relationship or not, but you are just not sexually attracted to them.

    Asexual people are not broken. This is something that you could hear many times. You are not broken because you do not have any desire to have sex. You are just as much human as anyone else. These negative comments come from people who do not know the differences and it is just because you do not experience sexual attraction.

    Being asexual is just a sexual identity that is recognized by many branches and it is not your responsibility to have to deal with negative comments such as that you are confused or that you will figure yourself out soon and find a nice person to be with. You are you and that is all that you can be. Never force yourself to fit into the norm because of other people’s viewpoints on things that they do not know.

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