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I love this community

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I posted a blog a little bit ago about how hopeless I felt and how sad I was to be in the position I am in. But I just checked today and unexpectedly found half a dozen comments of people all telling me not to give up hope, there's so much more to life, etc.. Thank you guys <3 I don't identify as asexual but I cannot have sex due to a physiological disorder so I felt a little out of place being here. But y'all are so welcoming and sweet. Thank you guys for the sweet and uplifting messages!

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Thank you! <3

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I'm the same . So much love for the people who welcome Us . <3
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I am proud of this community too.
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I do t think I was one of the people in the original post, but I wanted to take this moment to say 'welcome' regardless of why I'm sure it can be just as complicated to navigate, sending you all the positive vibes :)