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Man, I have seen so many of y'alls posts talking about how sucky it is to be asexual and the stats are against us and we're not acknowledged and not believed.

I'm gray sexual, however, I was diagnosed with a physiological disorder where I am physically incapable of sex. Do you know how much it sucks? Finding out at 18 that you can never have sex or children or anything. I've cried about this weekly since September.

Anyway, idk it just all really sucks. Sometimes I wish we were all floating heads. Maybe with arms and legs. Like Mike Wizowski just without genitalia ya know? So we could all cuddle and kiss (consensually, ofc only if we wanted to) and sex wasn't a worry.

I hate thinking I'll die alone because my future husband won't be willing to sacrifice sex for me. But unfortunately, that's the bs reality. Idk I wanted to be positive but y'alls posts got me feeling more hopeless than ever.

Okay, I'm done now. Thanks for reading!
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June 23
@DARCYMOON yes kinda true,I feel it too
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June 22 Total posts: 12

It is the only platform I use bc I didn't think there were others. Do you know of any others?

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No one is perfect. Not capabe of doing one thing doesn't mean that your life is over. Happiness can be found in little things. We need to appreciate what we have instead of crying over what we lost.
I'm really sorry for what you have been through but you know one thing you are too young to lose hope......just be positive.
True love do sacrifices.
Being less doesn't mean being alone.
And stay away from negativity.
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There is a lot to do more than sex and having children in life. Those are very natural things and doesnt require any sort of quality. Animals can do the same as well. We are humans, best of all animals. We have mind and soul and those things dont have any sex organs!
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You are not alone. We all use this medium as a way to vent and although it seems like it sucks being asexual its not all bad. I am 30 years old and although i havent been in a serious relationship ive lived my life to the fullest. I enjoy all other aspects of life. i go on dates and meet great people. Its tough to be different but trust me you have so much ahead of you and you will find someone whose accepting you and all your beauty. Keep your head up girly, if you need to talk you got a new friend
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I feel you, a few people posting with the frustration of the entire ace community in their fingertips and reading it can only add to the negativity.

I’m sorry you have to live with that burden, because I know how it feels when the universe hits you with life changing curveballs in your teens. Through all the hopelessness, you will find someone who will sacrifice much more for you than sex. Much sooner than you think I’m sure if you’re having thoughts of dying alone. it's much brighter than it looks out here for people like us. Especially the younger people.
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Its really great to vent, and at times it sure does feel hopeless, but we all signed up here because we all still hold onto a lil hope that we'll find our perfect partner in crime. And you arent alone, there are ppl out there in the same situation, although sometimes thats little comfort.
Is this the only asexual platform you use?
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Also I'm like the youngest one on this app which just makes me feel even more hopeless