• Am I Ready to Date?

    A break up is a deeply emotional life transition for most individuals. The old adage, "it takes time to heal" rings true. For longer relationships, the healing process ... For detail, click here.

  • 28 tips for dating after coming directly out of a relationship

    Any dating at any age is hard especially after coming directly out of a relationship. If that is the case:

    (1) Do casual friendship process first.

    (2) ... For detail, click here.

  • 5 Tips to start a New relationship with your Ex

    Depending on the length of time that was involved in the relationship and if there was true feelings for each other, a relationship can be restored even if you ... For detail, click here.

  • 10 tips to write an effective personal ad

    Writing personal ads should be considered an art in its own right. For decades personal ads have appeared in magazines and newspapers all over the world, and for ... For detail, click here.

  • Accepting the reality of a breakup

    If you've just gone through a breakup, chances are you're confused and in shock that its actually over between the two of you. The first thing you must realize is, ... For detail, click here.

  • Dating a recently divorced straight woman

    Give her time to heal before you get involved. I know sometimes this can be difficult but if she is worth it you need to give her time prior to jumping in bed or star ... For detail, click here.

  • Accept that your date's family is going to be a big part of your life and his

    Even though your date is the one who makes the decision to be with you, his family still has some influence. If he really cares and enjoys being with you then he will ... For detail, click here.

  • How to attract a cougar?

    First of all, you study your prey.

    Ever thought about why the women are on this site looking for younger men?

    We are socialized to look for men who are a ... For detail, click here.

  • 10 clues for spotting a scammer

    Online dating is a convenient way for busy people to meet other people. However, the virtual community is no safer than the real world. Online dating allows anonymit ... For detail, click here.

  • Don't just ask about sexual health, you and your partner should be...

    It is your responsibility to practice safe sex and make sure you and your partner (s) are clean. Don't just ask about sexual health, you and your partner should be tes ... For detail, click here.

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