I love Scott #Dating
Found someone I can rob banks with. This was all I ever wanted from this site. Basically the plan is for him to escape the Canadian lockdown (or I join an international sports team and infiltrate his country that way). Then we will nurture an entire syndicate where we just go on heists and make Grand Theft Auto a reality. We will eventually become very rich and rule the world. Or we get arrested, story ends. Then we can find each other on "Meet an Inmate" or "Love a Prisoner" Oh yeah and I love him and want his children or whateverrrrrrr. Everything written above is fictional please don't take me seriously--I genuinely love this guy and I feel like I found everything I'm looking for in a partner. Never felt this way before. I was doubtful when I joined this website and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

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