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Welcome to Asexualcupid.com, the premium online dating and social networking site for asexual people in Canada. According to one study published by the National Institutes of Health, approximately 1% of the population studied identified as "asexual," or not experiencing sexual attraction. You might know some asexual people, even if you don't realize it.

Even there are lots of dating and social networks for people in relationships in Canada, but none of them recognizes the exsits of asexuality, asexual men and asexual women do not have a proper plaform to connect with other asexual people, so our asexualcupid.com is coming. Asexualcupid.com dedicated to Canadian asexual people have a place to meet other asexualities. Create your free profile and find a friend or partner in in Canada to build a platonic relationship. Date with asexual people, meet new friends at Asexualcupid.com and find a platonic lover in Canada.

According to the different romantic orientations, our site has aromantic asexual, biromantic asexual, heteroromantic asexual, homoromantic asexual, panromantic asexual, polyromantic asexual, gray-romantic asexual, demiromantic asexual etc. you can find friends or partners in Canada with the same romantic orientation like you or mixed with different romantic orientations.

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