Polyromantic Asexual

Polyromantic asexual is attracted to many, but not necessarily all sexes in a romantic way, but not necessarily in a sexual way. Not to be confused with panromantic asexual, with pan- meaning "all" and poly- meaning "many" but not necessarily all. Used to disregard the idea that there are two binary genders or sexes. polyromantic means almost the same thing as panromantic, someone who likes most genders but not all genders. it doesnt mean someone who wants more than one partner.

Polyromantic asexual people are just like any other person and need affection, romance and love. There is more to relationships than just getting in bed, and two people could have a great love for each other even if there is no physicalities involved. If you are a nonsexual person and you are looking for a polyromantic asexual relationship, then you should start your search at Asexualcupid.com. This service is allowing you a unique possibility to connect with other polyromantic asexual singles from all over the world.

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