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Very happy with my connection #Dating
I was really only looking for friendship but I ended up falling in love! He was the first person to message me and our conversations just flowed. 2 months later, we have made plans to meet in person (we live 1,000 miles apart). I am so excited!
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Very surprised at our connection! #Dating
He was the first person to message me and after chatting back and forth for 2 months, we can't wait to meet each other. We live 1,000 miles apart but plan to meet in person next month. The connection we have is so strong and so surprising! I was really just hoping to make some friends, but I ended up falling in love! That is a nice plot twist :-)
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we are a perfect match #Dating
the connection we feel towards each other is so profound it cant be ignored, we have everything in common and are so alike its crazy, I can see us spending our lives together
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loonymoony and fancybread #Dating
we were both the first person we talked to on the site.. and neither of us have ever felt such a strong connection with another person before. We're on opposite sides of the country.. which is gonna be a bit tough, but we're gonna do everything we can to make things work. In the near two months we have been talking and chatting, I hands-down am with the most amazing partner I have ever had and am so happy/
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we are dating #Dating
i met someone on here who is the most perfect and wonderful person I've ever met. (: i don't need to use this website anymore as we are now dating. (:
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