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I love Scott #Dating
Found someone I can rob banks with. This was all I ever wanted from this site. Basically the plan is for him to escape the Canadian lockdown (or I join an international sports team and infiltrate his country that way). Then we will nurture an entire syndicate where we just go on heists and make Grand Theft Auto a reality. We will eventually become very rich and rule the world. Or we get arrested, story ends. Then we can find each other on "Meet an Inmate" or "Love a Prisoner" Oh yeah and I love him and want his children or whateverrrrrrr. Everything written above is fic...
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Lauren & Joe #Dating
I met Lauren on here, and we clicked immediately. We've been dating since September and she understands me better than anyone I've ever met. Our personalities are similar but just different enough that we balance each other out. We're goofballs who laugh at the same corny jokes and we're each other's rock during the tougher times of this pandemic. I've never been happier in a relationship and she has said the same. Thanks AsexualCupid for offering a home for people like Lauren and me to meet and connect.
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Found someone #Dating
I was very satisfied with the service...I found someone and am very happy. I particularly enjoyed the supervision that the administrator had over the usage of the site by all users. This was key for me, and I am grateful that the facilitators were involved in making this a platform that people could be comfortable using.
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Found someone special #Dating
I didn’t expect much when I signed up but surprisingly found someone I really connected with and think there is a future with this person. I’m very happy and hopeful.
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Found a Great Girl! #Dating
I found a wonderful girl on Asexual Cupid that was everything I was looking for. I look forward to potentially spending many years as her partner! I think the key to any relationship is finding a person who balances you, and that is just what I've done. She's outstanding!
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